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Yes, that’s me, the girl whose head always sits that awkward level above the crowd. Where passerby’s consistently check my shoes to see if I’m wearing a pair of 3 inch stilettos. No no people, really, I’m just tall – 6’1 to be exact. But note to self: ALWAYS wear nice shoes.

I was raised in a suburb in Mississauga, Ontario. Being the youngest of four kids, I grew up always looking for the next adventure. My childhood was full of the craziness that being from a large family entails. From morning hockey practices to piano lessons and volleyball, I’m not sure how my parents managed my crazy schedule, let alone the equally busy schedules of my siblings. But god bless them for giving us the opportunity to try new things because it allowed me to find sport. And more importantly, volleyball, a sport that has changed my life and continues to lead me on new adventures.

After having a mid 20s crisis, wait is that over yet?, I decided in late 2014 that I wasn’t quite ready to give up my volleyball career. In January 2015, I hopped on a plane to Finland to pursue my first professional volleyball contract.

Professional volleyball?  Yes, it’s a real thing.

The people I met and the experiences I had in Finland led me to sign another contract overseas for the 2015-2016 season. So here I am today, currently living in Brussels, Belgium, competing for Barbar Girls and learning French.

I’m a Kinesiologist by trade, an athlete by profession and I’m always looking for my next adventure. I have a deep love of food, fitness and travel, but I’m excited to share all experiences from this season abroad! It’s sure to be an eventful and unforgettable journey this year, so follow me for the ride. And don’t forget to check out my Barbar Volleyball section for game updates and thoughts!

Yours truly,


Take risks. Push the limits of your comfort zone. 

Be spontaneous. Spread love and live with no regrets.

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