A Step in the Right Direction

W : 3-2
(25-19, 26-24, 13-25, 18-25, 15-13)

A huge W for us on Saturday.. and let me tell you it wasn’t easy! I’m so proud of the character the team showed this weekend. After a few tough matches and a collapse in the third set, bringing back some bad memories from our game against Amigos, we managed to pull ourselves back and start very strong in the fifth set. Fifth sets are never easy and this one was no different. A momentum swing our way to bring us up 6-2, and a service run by Oostende to bring it to 8-7 at the change. But this is the best part of sport! It’s the excitement and nerves of close games that create the thrill. Everyone was battling and there was finally some confidence on our side. We took the right risks, stuck with it, and we finally got our first two points on the board! But this is just the start, with our cup match on Wednesday and match vs Kieldrecht Saturday, we have a busy week ahead of us to prepare for. It’s time to keep the momentum going!



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