“We’re Not Quite There Yet”

L : 0-3
(22-25, 17-25, 12-25)

Essentially, this past weekend was a catastrophe. It’s hard to find the words when you lose a game the way we did and it takes a little longer to sift through the bad and find the good. There were good moments for sure, for example how we started the match, but then there was the crumble.

There’s not much escaping outcome and performance when you play professionally. “Balance” takes on a whole new meaning. In University, I had full time classes to attend, assignments and papers due, athletic board meetings and events, and the welcome distraction of my loved ones on top of playing volleyball. That’s familiar for me. But with a few days off from French and not much else for distraction, my life from Saturday night post-match to Monday night’s practice and Tuesday’s video session revolved around volleyball. I spoke with teammates, watched game film, charted my setting and overanalyzed every part of the game. Even Sunday night, watching the Supercup match in Ghent, I couldn’t shake the frustrations of our own match the night before.

It wasn’t until Tuesday night where I took a step back and remembered something Laurie used to say to us after bad performances early in the season. “We’re not quite there yet”. Is it frustrating? Yes, absolutely! I hate to lose. But it’s also October, which means we’ve had two regular season games and we have 6 months of season left ahead. Deep breath. Cue coffee shops, new books, shopping, French and new recipes to try. Balance. It’s a new type of balance that’s for sure, but it’s a good lesson to learn early in the season. Not only to step back from volleyball to find some clarity but also to keep my sanity!

We crumbled this weekend, all aspects of our game suffered by the end of the match. But I have a lot of faith in this team. We’ve shown that we are able to play at a high level, now we just need to do it consistently and until the end of each set. We have a week and a half left to prepare for our next match and everyone is excited to get back on the court.

Next Match: BBG vs. Oostende – November 7th @ 17:00 – Volta


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